The Girl Project is supported by a network of individuals and organizations in central Kentucky. As an extension of Woodford Theatre's education program, we would like to thank the Woodford Theatre staff for their support, as well as our Volunteer Committee. 


The Girl Project is currently an extension of the Woodford Theatre's Education Program in Versailles, Kentucky.

Artistic Director - Vanessa Becker Weig

Business Director - Alex Maddox

Marketing and Development Director - Jordan Turpin

Education Director - Jeni Benavides

Technical Director - Dawn Connerly

Box Office Manager - Tyanna Rivera

Volunteer Committee

Emma Becker

Colette Crown

Darius Fatemi

Jill Gookin

Lauren Hill

Josiah Howlett

Patrick Lucas

Tiffany Dupont Novak

Susan Owens

Producing Sponsors:

Scholarship Sponsors:

Linda Bosse, Alberta Labrillazo, Debra Hensley

Anyone interested in replicating or implementing The Girl Project, The Girl Project: Next Generation or Voices HEaRd in their community must seek permission to do so. Anyone interested in pursuing research, evaluation or publication of The Girl Project programming must present a plan for approval by the Research and Development Director and must be approved. Email info@thegirlprojectky.org for more information.

The Girl Project Co-Founders: Ellie Clark & Vanessa Becker Weig

GPNG: Cross-Age Peer Mentoring Founder - Margaret McGladrey

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